Moving back to Blogger

Posted April 17, 2008 by tzeling
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I’m moving back to Blogger after my 1 mth here wif WordPress.

I still prefer Blogger, for everything.

So I’ll just leave my blog here alone.

I’m sorry, WordPress!



Pain pain pain

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I’ve been back in Miri for a mth n half n I haven’t been really active n didn’t really exercise. Felt myself a bit unhealty. I’ve been sick, on n off throughout tis 1 mth plus long. Tats y can’t reli / no mood go for sports. Blame myself for nt taking proper care of myself, consuming all those heaty food when I’m not supposed to.

N the consequences?

Yeah, I fell sick again, flu cough n sore throat. My flu is sort of like recovered bt tis time I’m experiencing ultimate sore throat pain. So painful! Luckily tis time I din lost my voice though. I’m gonna b reli beware of wat I eat tis time. No more heaty food. It sux to hav neverending sore throat. I’m so sick of taking medicine everynite. One thing good bt the medicine (cough/flu medicine) is tat it makes u sleep reli reli well, esp if u insomnia at nite, coz of it’s drowsiness. Tats wat I like bt it, can fall asleep so fast. But then next day will be feeling kinda sleepy oso haha!

Last two days, I skipped in my house. I was holding the skippin rope while follow 1 of my dog (a mix breed of local + german shepherd, approx 2yr old) wherever he goes. He was so scared of me seeing me holding the skippin rope, kept finding places to hide when I follow him wherever he goes wif tat “scared looks”. Well, my family n I never use the skippin rope to hit him yeah. After finish skippin I keep the skippin rope n go to my dog, go sayang him since he so sked.

Initially I touch the head, then the neck, dogs like ppl to touch it’s neck mar. While I sayang him hor, his leg was shaking (siaw one, I wasn’t holding d skippin rope or anything), and damn it! he bit my right hand. Wah, quite painful! I guess he was trying to defense himself, he tot I wanna hit him gua.

Crazy dog. The dogs I had in the past never did bite me regardless of how fierce/violent they are. But this dog hor…reli no manners one. Luckily he din bite me like as if he bit the cat / rat to death. I don’t wan to sayang him dy *angry*. Made me got to visit the doctor for injection. Soi dog soi dog soi dog!:P

Medication is sickening. Heal me! heal me, pls!

Never Try, Never Know. Once Tried…

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This is my 3rd week using WordPress. Last nite, I use wordpress till quite bek chek. I don’t like d image adding features la, not so user-friendly. I’m using both Blogger and WordPress currently. For me, I think I still prefer Blogger. It’s much more user-friendly.

For Blogger, u may change ur theme to any layouts u like (thr r a lot of nice beautiful themes out thr in the Net), unlike WordPress…if u wanna change, can….but hav to pay. The range of selection of the available themes in WordPress is so little n not reli beautiful. *sigh*. I kept complaining abt WordPress to him last nite. He say “switch back to Blogger then”. HmMm…can be considered though.

1 thing I like bt WordPress is I get my own name, “tzelingas my domain, or is it tis is the only thing that I like abt WordPress?  I’m afraid tat I won be staying in WordPress for so long. *in dilemma*

Engineering Design eXhibition 20 (EDX 20)

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My 3rd year 1st sem (July 2007-Nov 2007) was one of my busiest semester ever. I’ve never been that busy! Man…imagine I have 6 subjects and out of the 6 subs I’ve got 4 labs! This is the semester with the most lab(s) ever. And I’m loaded with never-ending assignments, lab reports, tests, projects. I remember one of my uni lecturer ever said that my uni, UTP has the highest work load if compared to other uni in M’sia *aww*.

In addition, I was the leader for my Engineering Team Project. Can you imagine how busy I were? Wow, that’s crazy! I was pretty satisfied with what I’ve done last sem though. Even though my result did not meet my targeted result but I’m happy that I’ve improved and this is the best result I’ve got if compare to the previous semester(s).

My 3rd Yr 1st Sem in uni was awesome, it was full of unexpected surprises, not forgetting the ups and downs and it was so happy! (don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I found a bf or whatsoever, it’s non-related to relationships thingy but related to academic, purely on academic and achievements).

So, for my uni, 3rd Yr 1st Sem, it’s compulsory for us engineering studs to take a course, Engineering Team Project (ETP). My group was no.26. They will arrange u randomly in a group of 6, some 5 though. U can’t choose ur own members, the lecturers will arrange it for u. I was put in a group of six (five guys and me, the only gal). Don’t call tat a bliss, I wished if thr was at least a gal in my team but….wat to do? So in my team there’s me n Faqih fr E&E eng., Saiful and Nik fr Chem. Eng., Saffuan fr Civil Eng. and Luis fr Mechi Eng.

Well, it’s cool to work in a team involving ppl fr various disciplines of engineering. A v good experience. So I was being elected as a leader (bullied by 5 guys, jkjk!). Wat to do? 1 of them was saying “u proposed the topic, so u bcome leader” When the lecturer ask “so, have u guys choose ur team leader” Another guy said “I strongly support Ling to becomer leader, she was putting so much effort to contact all of us during d break n..bla…bla…bla”. I was *speechless*.

Initially, I was expecting 1 of d guy would be the leader, then who knows he threw it on me. I did not want to be a leader, I don’t have the confidence, I can follow well but I don’t think I can lead n I don’t wan to hold such a great responsibilities. I’m afraid if anything goes wrong wif my team, I’ll get all the blames.

Well, I did put a lot of effort to contact each of every them during our sem break to discuss ’bout wat we gonna for our ETP. Very nervous tat time, I don’t wan my grades to be screwed off, 3 credit hours u c.

Blame it on my uni, where got ppl like my uni mgmt so stupid want us students to contact our team mates during the sem break, then gonna choose our title before the sem start…not every of them got internet okay, so most of them no idea abt this. Then hor, not every1 bother to check their uni mail box oso. No mobile number given how to contact ar? We were v randomly grouped 2gether, I don’t knw any of my team mates, NOT AT ALL. Wah, got to ask ard my unimates if they knw tis n tat guy or not, no? nvmyes? wats their mobile no.?

So this ETP drove us crazy as well, esp the report(s) part. Walao eh, jia lat. I was fortunate enough all of my team mates was very co-operative, although there was some miscommunication / misunderstandings in between, but we managed to pull it through. This is my 1st time as the leader of a team, I think I did it pretty good, for my 1st time, though can be improved more. It’s a v good chance for me to learn, for me to realize my weakness. I think I was a bit too slumber, nt strict enough n nt so organized. I’m still not good at leading, well, my 1st time :P.

So, thr was this Engineering Design eXhibition (EDX) which is organized once every semester, for the chosen certain ETP teams and Final Year Project (FYP) teams to exhibit and compete among each other. My team was 1 of the 30 qualifying groups out of 90+ other ETP groups for the 20th EDX *lucky*. Me and my teammates was extremely surprised and happy. I was v happy to be 1 of the qualifiers, at the same time feel unhappy as well. We all did not want to commit our precious time for this EDX. We were so busy wif the neverending assignments and tests, some more hav to re-do our poster, decorate our booth for this EDX. Furthermore, if u win sth it won enhance ur grades or u’ll get A by qualifying in EDX. But since chosen, so wat to do? 1 of the good things is me n my other good frens cum housemates (Reena, Woan Chin n Li Yen) also qualified for EDX. Got company, v good!

I rmbering like spending 1 whole nite to modify my poster, 1 whole noon to decor my booth n some of my teammates was so eager n so excited to decor the booth beautifully. However, I was like, ‘i don wan to spend my time for this, I have to focus my studies, I just wanna make this simple simple can dy’. Haha, a bit bad of me. Bobian lar, I can’t afford to screw my test, man!

The EDX was held 2 days, walao, waste a lot of our precious time! Just stand / sit there exhibit our prototype, then when studs or lects come, u got to explain d same thing over n over again. Some of them ask u v challenging quest and criticize u but some of them giv u v +ve comments . My team made a solar cooker box mar, then they wil ask like “reli can cook ar?” then ask wat if this n tat, why not this n that, why don this n that, wahhh~ cannot stand it! but got to bear wif it!

So for this EDX, there was a 3 judges evaluating, ur team, just 1 or 2 ppl present can dy. Darn it got 1 guy kept stalking me fr the beginning of my exhibition till the judge evaluation, made me can’t present well and I pass it to Luis, he’s reli good, talk wif confidence, I was distracted by tat stalker else I could hav done better. How I wished if he just get out of my sight! Then 1 of d judge kept asking me quest while Luis presenting our prototype so I busy answering tat particular judge questions.

The 2nd day was the last day n oso the prize giving ceremony. I did not attend coz I have a test on the next day itself. At 1st, I thought my team wouldn’t win anything at all. But heck, my teammate sms me “ling, we have won blabla” then sms again told me that we won this n tat.

Another teammate called me telling me we won this n tat. Wah! I listened dy damn excited n happy, straight go fr my hostel room to the Undercroft in the Chancellor Hall of my uni to attend the prize giving ceremony. Reena was saying tat too bad I wasn’t there when they announced tat my team got Silver Award else I’ll be the one on stage. Nvm lor.

Wah super happy, overall we got a Silver Award, 1st for Best Presenter n 2nd for Best Poster. It’s such a miracle! Me n my teammates were overwhelming happy! Everything turn out to be so great! N this is so memorable. It’s one of the happiest n best thing tat ever happened to me in my uni life.

Allrite, n it’s photo session time:

20th EDX

Gimme More Immunity

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I had lunch wif Ching at Double Star Restaurant, ordered Black pepper pork with egg and rice. Darn, the pepper is quite spicy and very heaty. Shudn’t hav ordered tat! It hav been a year I haven’t been to Double Star n it have expand it’s restaurant, fr 1 shop unit to 2 shop unit. I told Ching “Eh, when bcome so big one?” She replied “U r actually nt a Mirian”. Of coz I donno mar, I spend most of the time in West M’sia, *LoL*.

This time I come back to Miri only I realize darn, food here is much more expensive than Penang n Ipoh, exclude those high class restaurant. Wah! 1 set of meals at least rm 5+, 1 char kuey teow at least RM3.50. Luckily most of the time I eat at home, save up my money and most importantly, HEALTHY!

Next, shopping at Toysworld (eh, we don’t shop for toys hor, just wanna go Moments and Belle’s Bookstore inside it). Double Star is at Pelita Commercial Center, so I’ll just hang ard this area. Toysworld also within tis area.

Then, might as well just go San Francisco’s Coffee to chill out since it’s also within tat area and it hav been pretty long time I haven’t been thr. Before Coffee Bean open it’s franchise in Miri, I used to go to San Fran a lot! It’s like I go thr at least once every weekend. Also, it’s1 of my bestie, Kenneth n mine fave kopitiam, although she don take coffees. She would just go thr to drink guava or hot choc or extreme choc/vanilla. I think San Fran beverages taste much better last time.

Tis time go wif Ching, I ordered dunno wat Latte (new product) n she ordered Strawberry Smoothies (also new). Hers taste nice! Mine…at 1st ok…then towards half, ewww darn sweet~ So sickening, drink til so full. I tell Ching “Luckily we din order any cakes, so full!!!” then I add “Next time, we might as well just go Coffee Bean, don wan to go San Fran dy” . She agreed wif me, haha! I took d latte like ard 3+pm. After I drink the latte, I felt quite bad coz it’s fattening *LoL*.

When I go to bed, I regretting for taking Latte! Man! I tried so hard to fall asleep at nite! I went to bed ard 11:40pm ended up ard 1-2am only fell asleep. I did not sleep well! I’ve got a severe runnin’ nose then half of my throat like a bit pain…die lor don tell me I’m gonna get sore throat again, NO! pls NO! I just recovered 1 week plus ago. I don’t wanna fall sick again *sob*. Woke up this morning wif v uncomfortable throat, lil’ pain. I must drink a lot of H2O!

Gonna bkful wif my food abo my dim sum breakfast at Grand Palace Hotel tis weekend will be ruined. I miss egg tarts!!! Lookin v forward for dim sum, we’ve planned tis like a mth ago? (coz I was sick tat time so wait til now only can go).

I think my body immune system sux, starting to consume Nutrilite’s Vitamin C again to boost up my immune sys. Now u understand y I can’t reli consume spicy foods. My body is fragile towards heaty foods. !@#$%^&*()

Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

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Last Wednesday (Movie Day!) I went to watch Ah Long Pte. Ltd., another creative creation by Singapore actor cum writer cum director, Jack Neo (a.k.a. Liang Po Po) with 3 other friends:

Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

It was released last week. Well, what to do…new movies was released quite slow in Miri. It was released two weeks earlier in West M’sia. Gosh! How I wish they build a Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) here. Well, kinda missed the GSC in Penang, hehe! So this is another production from Jack Neo. I got to say he is very creative! Love his movies (Money No Enough, Liang Po Po, I Not Stupid, Home Run, The Best Bet, I Do, I Do, I Not Stupid Too, Just Follow Law).

I find every of his movies very meaningful! Thr’s a morale behind every of his movies. His movies has always been very heartfelt. His movies never fail to make me laugh and cry and laugh. Tat’s superb! I loveee movies wif the combination of humour + gan[3]-dong[4]-ness tat make me cry and laugh and cry.


Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》 is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Instead of treating the subject of Ah Longs (money-lenders) seriously, the movie takes on a humorous and sarcastic treatment. It depicts how a young lady tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and ‘loving’ triad that stands against the use of violence after she takes over from her triad leader who has retired. Her various restructuring plans (which are no doubt very creative) bring about hilarious results.

Chen Jun (played by Richard Low) is the leader of Shao He Triad. The story opens with him deciding to “retire” from the triad business. Prior to his retirement, he elects Wang Li Hua (played by Fann Wong), a young but tough girl, as his successor.

Li Hua believes that changes need to be made to the current money lending system . Although Li Hua prioritizes the triad’s success, she is very much against the idea of using violent means to collect debts. Therefore, with the help of some professional consultants, Li Hua and several of her subordinates (played by KK and Daniel Tan) start adopting a series of creative tactics to attract money lenders and practice hilarious methods to pressure the money-lenders to repay in a non-violent way. However, Li Hua’s plan of “restructuring” her triad meets with obstacles and opposition from the majority of the conservative elders in both her own triad and rival triad.

At the brighter end of the world, Mr. Fang (played by Mark Lee) is a kind-hearted dance instructor who is slightly sissy in character. Fate has it that Mr. Fang runs into Li Hua on numerous occasions by chance. Since Li Hua’s mother has been pressuring her to get married, Li Hua decides to force Mr. Fang to marry her. Surprisingly, Mr. Fang agrees to it, wanting to prove his masculinity. Though finding it hard to accept the fact that Li Hua is a triad head, Mr. Fang approves of her effort to minimize the use of violence. Subsequently, he offers to help Li Hua out by introducing creative ways to reduce violent methods of debt collection.

Go and watch on ur own to knw more and to knw ’bout the ending!

Many of the scenes are directed in Malaysia (KL). Then some parts of this movie is very exaggerate, which is very hilarious as well! This movie is worth to watch!

Fann is one of my fave SG actress, been watching her acting in SG drama series n other misc. movies like a decade plus ago. Jack Neo & Mark, oh these duos…I have been watching them acting more than a decade ago, since I’m in primary sch. They are always super duper funny! Both are comedian, so u-know-why!

All these while, I’ve been watching Fann’s acting as a beautiful babe, la-la girl, corporate woman…all lady like role…never see her acting like a tomboy until she acted in Just Follow Law. Tat was a big surprise though! This is the 2nd time I c her acting like a tomboy, again! Over years, her acting had improved a lot!

Right now, I’m looking forward to Jack Neo’s new film, Money Not Enough 2. It shall be another great film by him!

Shall We Dance?

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So, there’s this ex-colleague of mine, Des invited me along to learn dancing in Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam, which is used to known as Kelab Shell Lutong (KSL). I think it still belongs to Shell, not so sure though. If I ain’t mistaken, my dad ever take me to swim there once, back in like a decade ago? Yeah, it was back long long time ago or once upon a time~ (no! I’m not gonna tell a fairy tale).

Well, I’ve owez wanted to learn dancing, esp modern dance (hip hop!). Never thought tat one day I’ll learn Salsa n ballroom dance. This is good also, next time if I go for any dinner or function it may be useful.

So thr was 4 of us goin together. Most of d ppl who went was Shell staff. All young adults. Then, there’s this guy, I don’t knw wat’s his name, let’s call him conductor, teach us the 5 basic steps of salsa. I was quite nervous when dancing in a pair, the conductor kept asking me to relax relax coz he said my hand were quite stiff, even when Des danced wif me he said so. Prob coz I’m dancing wif ppl I don’t really knw. I’ve learnt a bit of Salsa back in Penang whr thr’s this Penangite fren of my suang suang wanna teach Salsa during a BBQ gathering at the beach, cool eh? But then, I forgot the steps dy.

For Salsa, male’s role is very important coz it’s always male who take the lead and the female will follow the male. So, if u dance Salsa n u’re a guy, u better master it…Next time wanna ask a girl for a dance in the ballroom, it’s allrite if she can’t dance, u may lead n she’ll just follow ur steps.

There’s two gals fr Shell very good at Salsa. When they dance, *wow*! Great posture!!! Hen[2] you[3] qi[4] zhi[2]! U got to turn a lot n twist ur bon-bon a lot for Salsa. Initially I find the turning was a bit diff to catch up coz I kept confused wif the steps of turning n mixed up d two diff types of turning. Then, Rumba in incorporate in Salsa dance. We danced Salsa for ard 1 hr 20 mins.

After tat, we learn to dance Cha-cha. I’ve learnt Cha-cha before when I took the Basic Dance I for my compulsory extra-curriculum in uni last two sems, so it’s like a year ago. However, I don’t reli rmber the steps though. Then hor, the one I learnt here and in uni a bit diff. For Cha-cha, thr’s this couple conducting d dance, a pair of husband n wife. They shud be professional, esp the husband. He teached a bit too fast though, I couldn’t really catch the turning part, again, *LoL*.

Then, towards the middle of the class, the Cha-cha conductor dance wif me to make sure how was my progress. He’s reli reli good, man! very gentle but firm (very pro). He lead the dance so well! Of coz la, pro mar, not noob like I do. (1st time dance wif a grandpa, no idea whose grandpa, hehe!) Unlike the Salsa conductor, he’s a bit rough but he lead v well though.

Man! After Salsa dance Cha-cha reli kenot la…got d steps all mixed up! After Cha-cha I kinda forgot Salsa’s steps. It’s better to concentrate on just a dance. I prefer Salsa though. It’s more cool.

So tat nite I pair up wif 6 diff men alltogether for both dance, wow! 1st time I danced wif so many men in a nite, haha! Last nite, on the way back home, my colleagues were saying “wah we danced salsa + chacha becomes sal-cha” then I said “or maybe cha-sal (cha-cha + salsa)” and they all burst into laughter. Cha-sal sounds like char[1] sao[1] which means roasted pork in Mandarin. Creative-nya me *LoL*.

Wat a tiring day! We danced like 2hrs n 30 mins straight fr ard 6:40pm to 9+pm. Then, the ballroom dance class nt yet end we left. Everyone was hungry dy. We shall learn dancing again next week. I love dancing, it’s so fun! When u dance, u’ll like put down everything behind, forget everything for the time being and u will only be thinking bt the steps n counting the beats.